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Highly qualified skilled workers from Africa and the world to Germany.

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MediNurse is committed to delivering highly qualified healthcare skilled workers from abroad, with a particular focus on Africa, to your institution.

It is your solution for the shortage of skilled professionals in the healthcare sector.

MediNurse recruits and places the following skilled professionals from abroad:

Our expertise includes support in hiring the best candidates in Africa and the world, from qualified to semi-skilled workers who would relocate and work in Germany as a nurse or learn the nursing profession in germany.


MediNurse is committed to fair and ethical recruitment and placement practices. In doing so, we communicate all our processes openly with our clients and candidates for transparency is a very important key in our Agency. Our goal is to have a fair Win -Win situation for both our client and our candidate.

Why skilled workers from Africa?

  • The quality of training as a nurse in most African countries is almost the same as the German nursing training. The nursing specialist knowledge is imparted as part of a 4 year Bachelor degree or diploma

  • Most African natives, speak the English language very well. This enables good communication from the start of the application process with our cooperation partners

  • Labor migration has a long tradition in Africa. Many Africans base their career choices on job opportunities based both domestically and internationally.

  • The christian background of most African countries and their western orientation facilitate good integration in Germany

  • Workers of African descent typically demonstrate prolonged commitment to their employers, attributed to their diligent work ethic, motivation, and open-minded disposition.

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