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Work must be fun. If the work is unpleasant, increase the fun factor


Our first priority is to deal with people sustainably. Nurses or volunteers from Africa are people and are not resources. We know that we work in a sensitive area that is often said to have a bad image. In addition to the natural important commercial customs as a business organization, we rely particularly on dealing with people and communicating to them about basic ethical values ​​and standards. Our values ​​are important to us and we deliberately avoid doing business that runs counter to these standards.

The building stones of our corporate agency culture are:

  • Transparency

  • Respect to our candidates and our clients

  • Everyone is part of the MediNurse team and has a responsibility towards the team

  • Ethical values ​​must always be put before a profit.

The employment of specialists from abroad brings a number of advantages that are of enormous importance for the globalization and competitiveness of your company. Here are some advantages that specialists from abroad brings to your company:

  • An increase in innovation

  • The acquisition of new customer groups

  • Diversity management

  • Avoiding vacancies

  • An extension of the applicant pool

  • An increase in your awareness

  • The image cultivation


Here is what we offer:

The recruitment of qualified and motivated staff is very time-consuming

and can also block resources in your human resources department.


We help you avoid many problems with efficient and cost-effective

solutions. Our recruiting team and partners will take care of your

vacancy and quickly find suitable candidates for you on fair terms.


Our pricing reflects the high demands we place on the quality of

our service. We agree a fixed price with you in case of success.

This gives you planning security right from the start.


A security that we create for you through a binding agreement of

a period of time - from the placing of the order to the successful

completion of the order.

Our range of services to you

  • Highly qualified nursing staff 

  • Monitoring of the procurement process

  • Registration and accompaniment of the German recognition process

  • German language up to the B2 level 

  • Implementation of the visa procedure

  • Integration measures before entry

  • Support with integration in Germany.

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