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MediNurse is a dependable partner dedicated to supporting you to acquire highly skilled nurses and young individuals for nursing apprenticeships for your company


MediNurse is a dynamic company specialized  in the placement of international professionals. We work closely with you to ensure that we identify the best candidates for your needs. 

The benefits of partnering with MediNurse
  • MediNurse comprehends the challenges involved in recruiting international professionals and provides support to both employers and applicants throughout the entire process. 

  • MediNurse places great importance on selection processes to ensure that the nursing professionals we place meet the high standards of the German healthcare industry.

  • Through a strategic partnership with MediNurse, you have the opportunity to meet your long-term staffing needs reliably and predictably by sourcing skilled professionals from abroad.

  • MediNurse oversees and guides all processes, including preselecting potential candidates, assisting with visa applications, residence requirements, entry into Germany, preparation of recognition procedures, facilitating integration into the German work culture and commencement of work in your company and beyond.​

  • MediNurse has a talent pool comprising qualified candidates from various countries and diverse cultural backgrounds. You will have access to this pool for both nursing professionals and young individuals aspiring to learn the nursing profession in Germany. This allows you to carefully assess whether the candidates meet your requirements before making a decision.

  • For your future nurse apprentices, MediNurse has a pool of candidates who are already residing in Germany and integrated into the German system.

  • MediNurse stands by our clients round the clock with advice and assistance.

Our Recruitment Process for Nurses
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You receive a detailed consultation on our processes and terms and conditions. You will be informed about the entire process that is necessary to be able to hire a foreign skilled worker for your company.  Your individual needs will be addressed and our recruitment will start after an agreement.

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On Boarding

After successful completion of all necessary measures, the candidate will be assisted in the application of a working visa in Germany.

After arriving in Germany, we are happy to accompany you and your employees to official appointments and provide support for integration into the new work environment

German Language 

After the recruitment process, the german language courses begin. The foreign nurses take part in german language courses with the aim of successfully passing the B1/B2 examination according to ÖSD

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We facilitate and coordinate online interviews between you as the employer and the candidates.

 Further video calls can take place during this process to discuss any open questions.

We virtually monitor the candidates and we can also provide you with comprehensive information about their developmental status at any time.


When a deficit is identified on the certificates of the candidates, the candidates are required to do a knowledge test or take an adaptation course to cover up the deficit. We will support your employees virtually during the preparation for the knowledge test or the adaptation course.


We will be happy to assist you with the integration upon request. We will also work very closely with your integration team in order to avoid problems and conflicts on your workplace.

Our Recruitment Process for Nurses Trainees
Latoya P Alter  26 Jahre Alt Sprachkenntnisse B2 Tätigkeit Au-Pair Mädchen in Deutschland
Candidate selection
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Nurse trainees

Please reach out to us, and we will provide detailed information on the recruitment of nursing apprenticeships.

Are you in need of skilled professionals for your facility?

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