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We are a bridge to your dream job in Germany!

We are experts in the placement of foreign specialists in the fields of nursing and nursing apprenticeship in Germany. We will find the right job for you. You can send your application comfortably from your Smartphone. In case of any questions, you can get in touch with us via a direct phone call, a Whats-App call, an E-mail, a Whats-App message or a direct message. Whichever way, we are digitized.

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The advantages when working with MediNurse
  • Our team comprises individuals who may come from the country of your origin. This allows you to communicate comfortably with our team members and feel free to ask any questions without hesitating.

  • MediNurse adheres to a NO-FEE policy to nurses, which implies that there are no charges for placement and there are no payroll deductions.

  • Perfect Matching - MediNurse will position you in a facility that aligns perfectly with your skills and preferences

  • MediNurse will assist you through the necessary procedures both in your home country and in Germany. You will be in secure hands

  • MediNurse stands by our candidates with advice and assistance.

Our Recruitment Process for Nurses
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Are you interested in relocating and practising your Nursing profession in Germany?

Kindly send us your application documents via E-Mail and we will get in touch with you. We will invite you to our informational events whereby you will receive comprehensive details about relocating and working in Germany as a nurse.


The required documents for the application are:

  • A tabular curriculum vitae

  • A copy of your passport

  • Birth certificate

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Working licence as a Nurse

  • Proof of completion of  internship

  • Transcripts, including the final examination.

  • Proof of employment as a nurse

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German Language 

Upon receiving an acceptance, you commence your language training. For nursing professions, a minimum language proficiency of B1 or B2, depending on the employer, is necessary. We offer online German classes that you can participate in from the comfort of your home.

 Recognition of documents

The application documents will be forwarded to the Bezirksregierung. They will assess the equivalence of your studies with the reference profession in Germany, a process that may take 3-6 months. If your studies are not deemed equivalent, you will be issued a deficiency notice.

In such a case, you will be required to undergo an adjustment measure in Germany to cover up the deficit.


Upon successful completion of all necessary measures, the planning for the legal entry in Germany, such as visa application, can commence. We provide support for all preparations both domestically and internationally, including coordinating flights, to ensure a timely arrival in Germany.

Welcome to Germany

Welcome to Germany! We're delighted to meet you in person at last. Upon your arrival at the airport, we will arrange transportation to take you to your accommodation. We will provide a tour, familiarizing you with your surroundings and workplace. This will be an opportunity for you to personally meet your employer and working colleagues.

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Adaptation measure

If a deficit is identified in your nursing documents, you will need to participate in an adjustment measure course in Germany to cover up the deficit. The preparation for the Kenntnisnisprüfung or Anpassungslehrgang may take 3 - 6 months. Throughout this period, you will be employed as a nurse assistant until you successfully complete the Kenntnisprüfung or Anpassungslehrgang.

Thank you!

Upon successful completion of the adaptation measures, you will assume the role of a fully recognized nurse. Subsequently, you will be offered a new contract as a nurse, marking the completion of our successful placement and integration of you in Germany.

Are you interested in our program?

We are looking forward to your application.
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