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“The character of the nurse is as important as the knowledge she possesses.” - Carolyn Jarvis


Nurses play a vital role in providing healthcare worldwide. MediNurse offers an opportunity to pursue a Nursing Apprenticeship in Germany. The apprenticeship program in Germany combines theoretical lessons at a vocational school with practical work in a German hospital or care home. One of the advantages of this dual apprenticeship is that you receive a monthly training allowance from the hospital or care home that employs you.

Important details about the Nursing Apprenticeship in Germany:

1. Duration of the apprenticeship:

Becoming a nurse in Germany involves a three-year dual apprenticeship program. In Germany, individuals who have completed school have the option to pursue vocational apprenticeships instead of full-time academic education. This apprenticeship system is closely regulated, involving a combination of work in a hospital or care home and attending a vocational school. Nurse apprentices will spend 2500 hours in the workplace and 2100 hours in school.

2. German language proficiency requirements for the apprenticeship:

To qualify for a nurse apprenticeship in Germany, it is necessary to have German language skills at level B2 or higher. 

MediNurse offers Online German Classes, when there is interest in studying the german classes on an online portal, click on the Online German Class.

Requirements for the Nursing Apprenticeship Program:

  • German language certificate of at least B2 level.

  • A comprehensive, chronological curriculum vitae, including place and country of birth, dates and locations of attended institutions, acquired qualifications, and, if applicable, employers.

  • A high school diploma, showcasing grades ranging from excellent to satisfactoy and it should reflect a minimum of 12 consecutive years of education.

  • If applicable, a university degree 

  • If there has been a discontinuation of studies:

    • University entrance examination certificate 

    • Proof of enrollment to the course

Where to learn the German Language:

MediNurse exclusively considers applicants who possess a B2 German language certification from the Goethe Institute. If you have an interest in acquiring proficiency in the German language, we highly recommend enrolling in our Online German Courses. This is because we establish a strong and lasting connection with students right from the start. Additionally, candidates who participate in our online classes receive preferential treatment over others in the selection process.

Age Limit

MediNurse has set an age limit of up to 35 years. It's important to note that Germany does not discriminate based on age; however, these are the requirements associated with our recruitment process.


3. Earnings during the apprenticeship:

Currently (2023/24), apprentices in their first year of training earn at least €1190 gross per month. The amount increases in the subsequent two years, with apprentices in the second and third year earning up to around €1450 gross per month. The actual allowance may vary depending on the employer and the city where the apprenticeship is undertaken.

4. Required certificates for the apprenticeship:

A high school leaving certificate with good passed grades is required. Additional qualifications such as vocational school certificates or a degree can be advantageous but are not mandatory.

5. Support for foreign trainees:

MediNurse places great emphasis on providing comprehensive support to foreign applicants. They assist in coordinating arrangements between the companies and applicants, offer assistance with airport or train station pickups, help with finding accommodation, and are available in person or virtually to provide guidance and support.

6. Application process for the apprenticeship:

Applicants are required to submit a motivational letter, a CV in table format, high school certificate, and any other relevant educational certificates to the email address:

7. Fees for the application process:

Currently, the employer covers the agency fees, so there are NO fees to be paid by the applicants.

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